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I'm human like a machine & humans want to create machines like humans.

You have 85 billion neurons in your brain.(Youtube Originals)  how you can control the activation of your brain neuron.

100 years ago life expectancy was only 45%. In the 1950's it was 60%. In 2019 it's 80%. (copy paste facts)

If you want your thoughts to be brought together then put them in order like a book. Write in one document.

Google doc is best to write stuff.


Want to discover the process to record your thoughts then you should have a habit of writing stuff.

Healed through AI | The Age of AI

Google own way of doing the work.

Video Editing effect.

Human life is very limited. What if you can't speak, what if you can't talk, what if you cant see… all this is painful. How can we design a world for all humans. A way in which everyone lives their life freely & happily.

Google is collecting medical data from all around the world (india, america, africa) & making machine learning models. People at google are just busy testing things & solving problems.

Companies are trying to find cures for many diseases but few people or organisations are planning for decreasing the population by 90% in a few decades.

Ai enabled eye scanners have arrived in eye hospitals.

Crystalvue - Eye scanner machine company

Crystalvue - Index

Crystalvue - Index
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Tell me which app of scientific apps provide this sort of UI & interface for reporting data. All this is a high level of video production to present the world, but the real world is not like this.

How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

Digital consciousness

In a few years there will be Ai assistance with a human face avatar which will guide you for your shopping experience. In shopping apps & you will be able to see yourself in product pictures, videos & 3D images in real time.

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Humans get pets because humans want to love & talk with someone. In future humans will not have pets but they will have Ai robots or toys with which they can interact & talk.

They have made it, I'm just thinking.

There can be an app where you don't have posts on your profile. On your profile your digital avatar will be there and will speak your thoughts and post to the person who ever visits your profile. And another person will be able to communicate with your avatar and you can listen to that conversation later on. & if you are dead then your avatar will continue talking with others based on your thoughts. That will give direction to your thoughts.

Every super intelligent Ai will be different due to its understanding, knowledge & environment. As we humans have different thoughts & understanding due to things we have experienced.

You will go to sleep & your Ai model will think, discover, explore for you. When you wake up it will give you a brief summary & will upload those thoughts to your mind.

It's not time.. It's travel… every atom of the universe is travelling.

Century before people used to talk in a respectable way.

The Uncertainty Principle | Genius

Particles do not exist at all, until we observe them.

I have the same thought on the internet. Complete internet is in darkness. When a user reaches there it is enlightened. Einstein says this about the universe.

I think what Einstein means here is what you have live, you can relive that moment. Your brain has this capability that what you have felt in the past you can feel it in the present. That is time travel only backward. Our brain has this ability because we have stored that feeling, experience in our brain. And if we can transfer that from the brain in any form then we can transfer it into another thing.

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You are living someone's future, Someone's present is past for you. Your future will be lived by someone else. What is present for you will be past for someone.