Why akbar.pk

When people ask me what do you do. Then I cant explain all this stuff to them in one meeting or on a CV or in an interview. I cant explain to everyone who I m, what are my thoughts.

People also ask me what do you do all day. I have tried to record my thought n my internet history & my knowledge.

What is akbar.pk

What every i want to share publicly then i share it here. my data belong to me. i have my data with me. no one can delete my data. some time its hard to find stuff on hard drives. this is the best format to share your data for your self and for others.

This is my personal website I can post anything i want. If you don't like anything then get lost.

If I have share something which belongs to you and you don't want me to share. Then the solution is simple. just message in the chat on you left bottom of the screen. content will be delete within 24 hours. I only share content which i like and represents me.